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Let's Talk Light! | Medford, Oregon | Family Photographer

Hey friends! We have had such beautiful weather this year which has allowed me to take on more summer session! I wanted to talk about how lighting, session time & location all come into play when scheduling your session.

I typically hold sessions in locations in the Medford area at a few specific places. I love these locations as you are able to get a different look with your photos all in one area.


If you've been following my work for long this is my favorite time to shoot and I think makes for the most beautiful photos for your family. The light is so warm and charming.

Golden hour takes place the last hour of the day. During the summer months I sometimes start sessions as late as 8:00 p.m. depending on the location. I know that for families this can run into bedtime. I find that most littles do surprisingly well staying up past bedtime for their session. If you know that will not be the case with your little I suggest trying to push nap times back if at all possible. If that won't work well for your family I would love to schedule you in the fall or spring when we have much earlier times to work with.


Overcast sessions are lovely but our weather is so nice it hardly seems that we have many overcast days.


Full sun with no shade. It's not what I usually post, but can still yield beautiful photos for your family.


This will limit your location choices, but can is still a really beautiful session!

I hope this post was helpful when thinking about timing your session. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!

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