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Postpartum must haves

A few weeks ago I asked on my Facebook page what was one item that you had to have after baby. The answers that you all gave were amazing!

In no particular order here are what I think are the some of the biggest must haves to make your postpartum time a little easier.

Postpartum doula
A postpartum Doula!

The postpartum period is such an underserved time. You get one follow up visit after birth at six weeks and then you're pretty much sent on your way. Having contact with someone in the time between hospital discharge and that only postpartum visit can really have a meaningful impact on how you feel. Having a doula available those first few weeks is invaluable.

Some of the services that Rogue Valley Doulas provide are:

Support for the all the emotions that come after birth.

Support with breast and bottle feeding.

Support with the care of older siblings and helping them adjust to your newest tiny human.

Providing resources and referrals within our community.

Nonjudgmental support for mom.

Screening for postpartum mood disorders.

Support in the mother’s physical recovery after childbirth.

Helping the mother process the birth experience.

A baby nest

I think these are amazing for those little moments you need to set baby down somewhere safe for a few minutes. These were just coming out four years ago when I had my youngest and I didn't have to opportunity to try one, but I think that it would have been very helpful. You can grab one from a local company Amelia Rose & Co.

This swaddler

Help your baby (and yourself!) get a longer stretch of sleep with this swaddler.

Babies love being wrapped up but sometimes they are escape artists, this is amazing and keeps them from startling themselves. Also I highly recommend a zippered sleeper or sleeping gowns, you do not want to be trying to snap 100 snaps at 2:00 a.m. after a blow out.

Baby carrier

I feel like if you are going to invest in one thing this would be it for me. Baby wearing made my life 100% easier Kindercarry is my favorite brand, their carriers work great from newborn well into the toddler years. I also absolutely loved my ring sling for those early months. I found that wearing my kiddos also really helped to keep strangers from touching them!

For the breastfeeding moms

This was mentioned several times on the thread, its good if you are pumping or for collecting milk from the side you are not nursing on. You can find it here.

I also really liked Milkies for collecting milk. Another nursing must have is reusable nursing pads, my favorite are from a local Oregon company Marleys Monsters. Lanolin is another nice thing to have on hand and use before you need it!

A giant water bottle because you're awesome but definitely dehydrated! If you're nursing you are going to be parched and if it's not within reach once you sit down it may as well be on the moon. Having an ice cold drink while you're nursing is BLISS. Snag a custom one from locally owned Jam Company

A robe is another must have! It's great for easy access for skin to skin, nursing, and bonus if you're having Fresh 48 photos done it photographs really well. I purchase a lot from Pink Blush and have been very happy with the quality, shipping and sizing.

People always say "let me know if there is anything you need or that I can do for you" when they do send them a link to your Meal Train. I think a homemade meal is truly an act of love and will take some stress off you in those early days. You can set this up with your preferences and then your friends and family can sign up for a day to bring you a meal, easy peasy.

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