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Guy | Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

Updated: May 28, 2021

Newborn Photography | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital
Baby Guy born peacefully into the water

"I think it's happening tonight" Abbie texted me at 11:20 p.m.. We had been in contact most of the week both Abbie and I thought that this little guy would follow in his sisters foot steps and arrive around 38 weeks, but third babies have a mind of their own. And as 38 weeks came and went Abbie was getting more anxious about when he would make his arrival. This was Abbie's first hospital birth and she was in denial that she was even in real labor for the first hour or so that she was in the hospital.

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital
Abbie, clearly on in labor at all

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital
Still not in labor

Abbie labored on the ball for a little bit and was very nervous to get into the tub thinking that it may stall out her labor. After chatting with her midwife and deciding that she could always get out if things slowed down, Abbie and her birthing team moved to the room with the birthing tub.

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital
When each contraction came Abbie would quietly signal to Daniel to give her counter pressure

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital
This moment when you can fully take your new baby in!

Being invited into your birth space is always such an honor and privilege. I asked Abbie a few questions about why she chose a birth photographer and what she felt was important to capture in her birth.

Tell me why you chose a waterbirth: AO: I chose a waterbirth because it’s extremely pain relieving while in labor. There is also evidence that the warm water helps prevent tearing during childbirth. It is also an extremely gentle introduction into the world for babies, known to make them calmer in the early days.

Why was birth photography something that you wanted?

AO: I had had birth photography with my first two births and I couldn’t imagine not having it for our first baby boys. Having had a photographer at all my children’s birth so far it just feels like normal. It’s moments you’ll never get back being captured forever.

If you had to pick one thing that was the most important to capture what would you say it was? Your connection with your husband, your connection with your baby or the things that you didn't want to miss?

AO: The things I didn’t want to miss for sure! So many moments I never want to forget.

How do the photos that you've seen make you feel?

AO: They make me feel like super woman/empowered m. Birth is not easy but I love it and everything it entails. You could call me a birth junkie.

Why did you allow me to share these photos publicly?

AO: I want other women to see how empowering childbirth is. I want it to be seen for how beautiful it truly is! It is not some traumatic event or scary. It can easily be one of the most amazing days in your life if you want it to be.

Birth Photograper | Medford Oregon | Ashland Asante Hospital

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